Richard Allen

Richard Allen Forever Stamp Unveiling

Black History Month celebration

The U.S. Postal Service has kicked off the national observance of Black History Month with the dedication of a Forever stamp honoring preacher, activist and civic leader Richard Allen for his inspirational life and profound contribution to American history.

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Behind the Scenes


USPS Post Office B-Roll

B-roll footage of Retail Counter Clerks serving customers at a USPS Post Office.

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USPS Letter Processing Plant

USPS Trucks and Letter Processing B-roll

B-roll of USPS trucks unloading letters at a letter processing plant.

At the plant, the letters are fed through a barcode sorter that sorts the letter to the particular carrier who will deliver it. The delivery barcode sorter also arranges that carrier’s letters into the order of delivery.


USPS Letter Processing

USPS Letter Processing Plant B-roll

B-roll of letters being sorted by machine at a letter processing plant and then stacked in trays with other mail by ZIP Code range.

Trays are then taken to the airport to fly across the country for final delivery.

After the plane lands at its destination, postal workers take the tray containing the letters to another mail processing plant that serves a Post Office, station, or branch that will deliver the letter.

Stamp production B-roll

Stamp Production B-roll

HD B-roll of U.S. Postal Service stamp production.

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USPS Package Automation

Package Automation B-Roll

HD B-Roll video of USPS package mail automation and operations. Includes close up shots of machines sorting packages and moving them through the facility.

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